DexyFlex workshop deal with customers from the beginning of 2010. Here we can produce any hydraulic and industrial hose with the fittings you need. We have hydraulic presses which we use for mounting the fittings or as some customers call them " crimping machines".

Onlineshop DexyFlex  works with customers from the beginning of 2014. You can contact an operator who will accept your request, will consult you and will proceed the execution of the order. If your request is not within the competence and knowledge of the operator, then in the next 20 ... 30 minutes you will be contacted by a dealer who will be able to find a solution for each case connected with hoses or fittings. Most of the goods are available and you can get them within the next working day.


Working time:

DexyFlex Workshops are open every day from 9,00 till 17,30 o’clock. Saturday from 10,00 till 13,30 o’clock. Sunday is a day off. If needed we can serve also a customer in outside working hours. It is enough to call the current workshop. The employee will answer and if he is not outside the city, he can serve you for a minimal fee depending on what part of the day it is.

Onlineshop Dexyflex works from Monday to Friday from 9,00 till 18,00 o’clock. During the weekends we have no possibility to serve you.


                Request for a hose (specification):

On-line request for a hose from any time can be placed through the e-shop DexyFlex.




In our workshops you can find a large range of industrial hoses. Which is not available at time is to be delivered on the next working day. If you need specialized hoses for your business, we always find solutions. We can offer a choice within several European suppliers. Delivery deadlines are optimized, short. We are able to cover hose need for each industry. What you will find on the DexyFlex site are hoses for food, fuel, chemicals, automobiles, concrete pumps, resistant to abrasion, for agricultural machinery, auto air-conditioning, sewer cleaning, oil-resisting, vehicles, industrial water, steam and hot water, compressed air , technical gases, bitumen and asphalt ........ and everything else you need.


                The hoses can be:

Hydraulic, rubber with textile braid, thermoplastic with a special function, PVC hoses, polyurethane (PUR), teflon (PTFE), metal, composite, silicone;

Outside braided, different number of textile and metal braiding;

With metal or PVC spirals for suction

Diameters from 2 mm to 600 mm



Specialized hoses (rubber with textile braid) for sewer cleaning. DiameterS 13 mm (½ inch), 19 mm (¾ inch) and 25 mm (1 inch). Lengths on customer’s request. Prices are: PVC (PVC) hoses for pumping shafts and channels. Diameters 76, 100 and 110 mm in lengths on customer’s request.



The whole range of hoses for directing the concrete. Diameters fitting 2, 2 ½, 3, 3 ¼, 4, 4 ½, 5, 5 ½ inches. Lengths of 3, 4, 6 m and at the customer’s request. Prices will probably surprise you pleasantly.



In online shop DexyFlex we offer industrial fittings for every need. They can be made of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, bronze. Straight, 45 or 90 degrees.







In DexyFlex workshops might be completed each hose for auto air conditioning. Only complete the hose. We do not offer repair and refueling.


PRESSURE-GAUGES (non-certified and certified on request)



Pneumatic connections, PA tubes, inserts, nuts, PA spirals for air, ………………………... Produced exclusively in Europe and without compromise in quality. This which is not available today, you get tomorrow.



The range of clamps include 6 varieties including clamps for industrial hoses.


We have available a large part ready hydraulic hoses purposed for the agricultural industry. Today we can send by courier and the next day it will be in you.


You want to press (crimp) by yourself fittings of the hoses. We can offer hydraulic press and accessories for it. If you want we can look for the opportunity to work together.


All goods in DexyFlex workshops and through the online store DexyFlex are manufactured in Europe and the USA. This is our security and guarantee for zero complaints. Our suppliers have long experience and established market.