Furtunuri Group is concerned about your personal data security. The principles of our privacy protection policy are the following:

  1. We value the trust you have placed in us, by means of submitting your personal information. We will always use it responsibly and in a way that complies with the trust you have put in us.
  2. We will provide you with clear information about the way your personal data is going to be used. We will always be transparent regarding the types of information we collect, what we do with it, whom we provide it to, and whom should you turn to in case you have any worries whatsoever.
  3. In order to keep your personal data from misuse, we will take various steps to preserve its security.
  4. We will obey all of the applied laws and regulations for personal data protection and we will cooperate with the units in charge of the personal data protection. In case of absence of certain laws related to the privacy protection, we will act in accordance with the universal principles for personal data protection.



Last change: December 2017

This Policy for protection of the personal data describes the way data is collected, used and protected.

Why is the Policy for protection of the personal data applied?

The Policy for the personal data protection of Furtunuri Group LTD is applied when personal data is collected in relation to the goods and services, provided by the company. Learn more about Furtunuri Group LTD at: www.furtunuri.com. That includes data, collected offline through our consumer work centers (offices, workshops, warehouses), direct marketing campaigns, also online through our websites (“Websites property of Furtunuri Group LTD”), applications and third party branded webpages.

The present Policy for personal data protection is applied on the targeted content, including offers, advertisements related to the goods and services of Furtunuri Group LTD, that we (or the service provider, that acts on behalf of us) could send you. The same is valid for our content uploaded on third party websites, platforms and applications(“Third party websites”) based on the information provided regarding the use of these websites (as described further in this text). These third party websites may carry their own rules and regulations for private information protection. We kindly advise you to read before use.

The present Policy for personal data protection is incorporated and represents a part of the Terms of Use of the Furtunuri Group LTD websites.


Your Consent

Using a Furtunuri Group LTD website, you give your permission to Furtunuri Group LTD to collect, use and disclose your personal data in compliance with this personal information protection Policy. In case you do not agree with the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, please, do not use the websites of Furtunuri Group LTD or do not provide personal information of the company to third parties in any other ways.

Using a website of Furtunuri Group LTD, you agree unconditionally and explicitly that the submission of your personal information represents your explicit written consent for the collection, processing, storage and granting of your personal data, in accordance with the described rules.

Each user of a Furtunuri Group LTD website has the right to request for the submitted personal information to be erased at any time. The request has to be made in writing to the following email address: sales@furtunuri.com . At the time of the request there should not be any unsettled matters between yourselves and Furtunuri Group LTD. At the time of the erasing, you and Furtunuri Group LTD should not have any claims between each other.

Only Furtunuri Group LTD will collect, use and/or reveal your personal information in a loyal and a legitimate manner. In most cases we will explicitly ask for your consent, but in some cases it is implied by your actions or behavior. We could ask you to submit additional consent, in case we have to use your personal data for the purposes, not included in the present Policy for personal data protection. You are obliged to present us with this permission, but if you do not, this would lead to a limited access to some actions and less rights to use our websites. If you present an additional permission, the terms of this agreement would be an advantage in case of a conflict with the terms of the present Policy for personal data protection.

Please take into account the fact that we can process your private information, without your consent, if we have a lawful reason for this and in case, this requirement does not harm your own rights, freedoms and interests. Every time your data is used should be in accordance with the confidentiality terms described above.



The largest part of the Furtunuri Group LTD websites is designed and intended for adult use. In the cases, when a website of Furtunuri Group LTD is intended to be used by a younger audience, we will ask the consent of a parent or guardian before the collection of private data, when we consider, that it is appropriate to do so or when it is required by the applied laws and regulations (the age, requiring consent is different in the different countries). If you are a child, that has exceeded the age, requiring parental consent, you should look at the terms of this Policy for personal data protection with your parent or guardian, in order to make sure you understand them and accept them.

If we find out that we have collected information about a child, without the consent of a parent or guardian, when such is required, we will erase this information as soon as possible.

The access to some parts of the Furtunuri Group LTD websites and/or the right to receive presents, samples or other prizes could be limited for users above a certain age. We could use your personal data, in order to verify your age and impose restrictions.


What types of data could we collect?

In this Policy for personal data protection, “personal data” means information or a piece of information that could be used for your identification. That usually includes information for your name, date of birth, address, nickname, email address, also a phone number, but that could also include other information like IP address, shopping habits and lifestyle information, also hobbies and interests. We could collect personal data from you through different sources, including:








If you have any questions, comments or if you have any queries regarding the way we use your personal information, please look at Your rights for protection of your personal data and whom should you turn to, further in this text..

Furtunuri Group  LTD does not sell personal data, excluding legal parties, to whom we give away a portion or our entire activity (for example in case of a selling a brand name) or any other way in relation to acquisitions and mergers, change of management, conversion and liquidation of the entire or a portion of the activity of the company.

Where do we store your personal data?

The host servers of the Furtunuri Group LTD websites are located in the Republic of Bulgaria. Your personal data will be entered into the servers and will be processed in compliance with the applied laws and regulations for private data protection.


Protection of your personal data

We take all of the necessary reasonable safety precautions, to preserve your personal data and we require from the third parties to do the same. The access to your personal information is limited, in order to prevent unauthorized access, change or misuse and is allowed only for our employees.


Your rights for protection of the personal data and who should you turn to?

If you have any questions, comments or worries regarding the control of your personal data, you can contact us on the following email address- sales@furtunuri.com.

You have the right to let us know if:


  • You no longer desire to be contacted by us
  • You would like a copy of the list of personal data we are in possession of
  • You would like us to correct, update or erase your personal data from our records
  • You would like to report abuse with your personal data

In order to help us with your request, please provide us with your full name and data.


Changes of our Policy for personal data protection

At certain moments we may change the Policy for personal data protection, when we publish the updated version of the Policy for personal data protection of the websites of Furtunuri Group LTD. We recommend you to visit the websites on a regular basis, in order to be informed about the ways we use your personal data.