1.1. These General terms and conditions govern all sales carried out by FURTUNURI GROUP SRL, headquarters in Bucarest and business seat at: Bucuresti, Sector 5, Strada Toporasi, 2-6, et.2-1, CUI 16165382, J40/2663/2004, hereinafter referred to as the Seller and his Buyers, as preliminary define the terms and conditions under which the ownership of goods is being transferred and the payment is being made.

1.2. These General terms and conditions shall be considered approved by the Buyer when:

1.2.1. The Buyer, through his representative, declares in writing that he approves the General terms and conditions for sale of goods of the Seller. Any approval made by email or electronic signature shall be considered an approval in writing.

1.2.2. The Buyer has been familiar with the General terms and conditions and has not disputed them until the delivery of goods.

1.3. Any amendment of the General terms and conditions shall be considered absolutely approved by the Buyer upon his being informed of the amendments by any of the means previously specified.

1.4. Parties in a written agreement, in an annex to such written agreement and/or in an invoice in a form prepared by the Seller may agree between themselves conditions other than General terms and conditions. These conditions shall be specified in the written agreement, in the annex to such written agreement and/or the invoice following a model of the Seller and shall have effect only for the concrete sale. In this case, upon discrepancy between the agreed between the parties and the General terms and conditions, the agreed shall prevail.



2.1. The sales transaction shall be considered made when:the Seller’s offer has been approved in writing by the Buyer, or the Buyer’s order has been placed and confirmed by the Buyer, or a invoice containing information of the goods sold, prices, quantities, payment terms and methods has been prepared, or an agreement in writing has been signed, or an annex to agreement in writing has been made, or the goods have been transferred with a bill of goods prepared by the Seller.

2.2. These General terms and conditions shall be considered absolutely approved by the Buyer when he, through his representative:

  • approved the General terms and conditions in writing or by email or electronic signature;
  • has not objectedin writingafter their presentation, transferoracquaintancewith them;
  • has accepted: an invoice and/or pro forma, and/or an offer which confirms the unconditional /absolute approval of the General terms and conditions

2.3. The Seller shall not be bound with the Buyer’s orders. The Seller shall be bound with the Buyer’s orders when the former has issued a pro forma for them and it has been paid in full by the Buyer.



3.1. The delivery of goods to the Buyer or his representative, to a delivery company or a courier shall be carried out at the Seller’s premises, or the DexyFlex hose nozzle workshops of the Seller after issue of invoice or bill of goods. The date of delivery shall be the date of delivery of the goods to the Buyer, to his representative, a courier or delivery company, respectively the date of issue of the invoice or the bill of goods.

3.2. Loading and transportation of the goods shall be carried out by the Buyer and at his expense. The risk of loss or damage of the goods shall be transferred to the Buyer on the date of delivery of the goods, at the Seller’s premises.

3.3. The Buyer shall carry out the loading, transportation and storage of the goods at his own risk and with his employees, acting with due diligence and observing the usual safety rules.

3.4. The delivery of the goods can be arranged to another location, a courier or carrier. In these cases, the risk of loss and damage of the goods shall be transferred to the Buyer from the moment it leaves the Seller's premises or the DexyFlex Workshops of the Seller.



4.1. The Buyer shall pay for the goods prior to their arrival at the premises or the DexyFlex Workshops of the Seller within the terms and conditions specified in the invoice prepared by Seller.

4.2. Ownership of the goods purchasedand the risk of their accidentalloss and/or damageshall be transferred from the Seller to the Buyer at the time of their receipt at the Seller's premises or the DexyFlex Workshops.

4.3. In case the Buyer fails to appear to receive the goods within the stipulated period or after a notice sent, the Seller may cancel the agreement or the deal without providing additional period.



5.1. Prices of the goodsare specified andshallbe interpretedinEXW (Ex Works) terms,according to Incoterms 2010.

5.2. Unless expresslystated otherwise, it shall be assumed that the priceof the goodsisexclusive ofValue Added Tax.

5.3. The priceshall be agreedbetween the partiesand enteredin drawing up thepro formaorwritten confirmation of theoffer,ororder, oran invoicefollowing a model of the Seller. Upon an objective change of price conditions (increased exchange rate, fees, duties, etc.), the Sellershall be entitled toincrease the pricesto the appropriate rate.

5.4. All prices of the goods shall be agreed in writing between the parties. Pricesnegotiatedby telephone,for which nowritten confirmation exists, shall not be binding for the parties.

5.5. The Seller shall issue an invoice to the Buyer for all salesin accordance with the applicablelegislation at the time of sale.

5.6. The Buyer shall pay the invoice price immediately upon delivery of the goods.

5.7. Advance ordeferred payment ofprice shall beadmissible onlywhen it isexplicitlystipulated in an agreement in writing, in an annex to such agreement, and/or in a pro formaand/or in an invoicefollowing the modelof the Seller.

5.8. Upon deferred payment, the Buyer shall be obligated to carry out his entire obligation to pay on the day indicated on the invoice as deadline (at the latest). The payments due shall be considered cleared when the Seller's account is credited with the amount due on the invoices.

5.9. The Buyer shall be obligedto securethe Seller for the cost of the goods and:

  • provideinformationto the Sellerfor the servicing banksandbank accounts to which the former is obligedto transfer the money from his turnover;
  • provideto theSeller "CEC file" guaranteed by Buyer's bank;
  • provide to the Seller "promissory note" guaranteed by Buyer's bank;
  • issue, upon request of the Seller, a promissory note in favor of the latter, under “no cost and no protest" conditions for amounts covering his debts.

5.10. In case theprice of the goods is over 2 000,00/ twothousand /eurosor its equivalencyin Romanian lei, the Seller may ask from the Buyer additional commercial security: commercial pledge, bank guarantee, payment guarantee, mortgage, etc. In other cases the Seller may, at his discretion, request additional commercial securities.

5.11. Payment shall be made via bank transfer (to a bank account provided by the Seller) or in cash:

  • upon on-site delivery: to the Seller’s employees;
  • upon courier delivery: payment on delivery of the goods.

5.12. All amountsagreed upon deferred payments shall become dueimmediatelywhen theBuyer falls into bankruptcy,liquidation or reorganization.

5.13. The payment currency shall be Romanian lei from Romanian physical and juridical persons, and in Euro from foreign juridical persons - Buyers.

5.14. The Buyers –Romanian physical and juridical persons, pay the good’s price in Romanian lei, by the selling rate for Euro in Raiffeisen Bank – Romania, at the day of effecting the payment.

5.15. All bank charges shall be paid by the Buyer.

5.16. Payment shall beconsidered clearedafterreceipt of the amount tothe Seller’s bank account.

5.17. In case of payment delay or other breach of contractual obligations of the Buyer, the Seller shall be entitled to require satisfaction of his claims through realization of securities provided by the Buyer.



6.1. The Seller shall transfer the goods to the Buyer regarding the General terms and conditions.

6.2. The Seller shall issue invoices following his models in relation to any sale made, and other documents at the Buyer’s request.

6.3. In case the Buyer delays to receive the goods, the Seller may:

  • send it for storage;
  • sell it at market prices after sending notification to the Buyer;
  • sell it without sending notification upon rising of any circumstances threatening the Seller’s interests;

6.4. Any expenses made by the Seller in relation to the above clause shall be paid by the Buyer;

6.5. The Seller shall be entitled to receive the agreed price of the goods.

6.6. The Seller shall be entitled to receive all interests and penalties due for payment delay on part of the Buyer.



7.1. The Buyer shall pay the price of the goods within the term, methods and currency stipulated in the General terms and conditions and/or in a written agreement, in an annex to such written agreement, in a pro forma, and/or in an invoiceina formpreparedby the Seller.

7.2. Not possessing theoriginalinvoiceissued by theSeller shall not exempt the Buyer of his obligation to pay for the goods received.

7.3. Upon payment delay, the Buyer shall pay interests and penalties pursuant to these General terms and conditions.

7.4. The Buyer shall receive and load the goods.

7.5. The Buyer shall examine the goods within 3 days of its reception and if it does not meet his requirements he shall notify the Seller immediately. If Buyer fails to do so, the goods shall be considered absolutely approved.



8.1. The Seller declares that he has all necessary documents in connection with his performed sales of goods, in accordance to the applicable legislation at the time of sale.

8.2. The Seller shall, upon request of the Buyer, provide documents relating to the goods sold by the former in accordance with applicable legislation at the time of sale.

8.3. The Buyer shall reserve the right to return the goods to the Seller when reported any defects or lack of conformity noticed immediately, but not later than 3 / three / days from the date of After that period the goods shall be deemed accepted without any comments from the Buyer.

8.4. The claimshallbe put in writing where all defects found shall be described. The claim shall be approved when it is being found that the occurrence of defects is notdue topoorloading, transportation, storage ormisuse on part ofthe Buyer.

8.5. The Buyer shall not be entitled to put claims:

  • regarding thedefectswhich canbe seeninplainview ofthe item(including defects of the packaging) from the moment of receipt ofgoods from theSeller, EXW (Ex Works), according to Incoterms 2010;
  • at any mixing,processing, use orrepackagingof goods, which is considered asign of their unconditional acceptance.

8.6. All warranties and claims shall be excluded when the Seller sells the goods to third parties, except the cases in which the law provides otherwise.

8.7. The Seller shall not be responsible for the proper use of goods, their testing and all products made of them.

8.8. The reason of a claim shall be assessed by the Seller on the basis of the samples provided or direct examination of the goods claimed.

8.9. In case the Seller approves a claim, he may offer a replacement at his expense or a price reduction being not more than 10 % / ten per cent / of the agreed value of the goods.

8.10. Small and normal in business relations unavoidable technical deviations or deviations in quality, quantity or size cannot be claimed.

8.11. By claiming quantities and qualities disagreements, the Buyer is not relieved of his obligation to pay the goods which haven’t been denied or any other obligations to the Seller.

8.12. Any other liability of the Seller, unless specified in the preceding clause, shall be excluded under these General terms and conditions.

8.13. Article 8.11. from the present General terms and conditions, doesn’t affect customers which rights are arranged by Law. 449/2003.



9.1. The Buyer shall comply with the conditions of confidentiality for any information he learns in the execution of any agreement subject to these General terms and conditions, both during its operation and after its termination.



10.1. Either partymay terminateany agreementunder theseGeneral terms and conditions by sending a written notice to the other party, if the latter fails to perform his obligations under In this case, all liabilities of the parties become due immediately.

10.2. The Buyer cannot cancel an agreement if the quantity of the goods received deviates a little from the agreement.

10.3. In cases underthe preceding clause, theBuyer shall pay for the actual goods received.

10.4. The Seller may terminate any agreement without further notice when the Buyer fails to perform any of his obligations under these General terms and conditions or any additional agreement and/or when he falls into liquidation, bankruptcy or reorganization in accordance with Romanian legislation.

10.5. In case of delayed payment, the Buyer shall pay the Seller a penalty being 1/360 of the base interest rate + 30 points for each day of the delay, accrued on the amount of the payment delayed; and all invoiced amounts, as of the moment of delay, shall be deemed delayed and a penalty shall be accrued on them as well. The penalties could overdraw the amount from which they are calculated.

10.6. In case the Buyer refuses to accept the goods unreasonably, the Sellercan unilaterallycancel the agreementandshall be entitled to compensationof 35% /thirty-five per cent/ from theprice ofthe goods.Thiscompensation can bededucted from the advanced payment or part of it or from the commercial security;

10.7. Indefaultofanyof liabilities under these General terms and conditions or additional agreement, the Buyer shall pay penalty equal to 30% /thirty per cent/ accrued on the total value of sales or undone sales in violation of these General terms and conditions or additional agreements, as well as recovery of all damages and lost profits suffered by the Seller as a result of the failure.

10.8. TheSeller shall not be liable for any failure caused by force majeure circumstances (natural disaster, social unrest, act of state or municipal authorities, ). Any liability shall be suspended during the occurrence of force majeure circumstances.

10.9. In cases of default of any of the liabilities under 9.1., the default party shall pay penalty to the amount of 1000.00 /a thousand/ euros.



11.1. All notices and notifications between the partieswill be in The writtenform shall be deemed metformessages sent by facsimile transmissions or through electronic signature.

11.2. The invalidity ofany of the clauses contained herein or of any additionally conditionsagreed shall not invalidate any other clause or these General terms and conditions and/or the agreed as a whole.

11.3. For any disputeregarding the existenceand operation ofthese General terms and conditions or in connection with their violation, including disputes and disagreements concerning their validity, interpretation, execution or breach, as well as for all matters unsettled herein and/or in written agreement or an annex to such written agreement and/or pro forma and/or invoice following the model of the Seller, shall apply the effective Romanian legislation, as the parties shall settle the relations between them by agreement. If no agreement is being reached, the dispute shall be referred to the competent legal instances of Romania.

11.4. TheseGeneral terms and conditions shall apply until their abolition or replacement with other ones.


These General terms and conditions for sale of goods were adopted by resolution of the General assembly of Furtunuri Group SRL, with effect from 1 February, 2021.